Wedding Experiences

Hop, Shop & Dine

Absorb the sites and tastes of New Orleans with history lessons along the way!  Admire one of the most prominent and wealthy neighborhoods.  Learn why we make the most of precious real estate when burying our loved ones.  After a delicious lunch at an award-winning BBQ joint frequented by locals, meander through pockets of boutiques and art galleries and shop like a local.  The home brew or crafted spirit paired with American staple items with a New Orleans twist is the perfect end to the day. This is a full day experience.




Mysterious Cuisine

Immerse yourself in New Orleans’ most mysterious neighborhood. Its history, legends, and architecture have fascinated guests and locals for over 300 years.  Journey with us to three restaurants owned and operated by a third generation restaurateur and savor the modern and inventive Creole cuisine with an appetizer, entrée, and unexpected dessert! This is a half day experience.

Celebrate with James Beard

Recognized for its world-renowned cuisine, New Orleans has produced James Beard award-winning chefs and restaurants for many years.  Grab your French coffee and donut for a stroll through this 1300-acre urban oasis before lunch at a neighborhood favorite.  Get a comprehensive look inside a city that is rich in history, music, and ending with a culinary flair at one of the South’s finest Jewel’s. This is a half day experience.


Enjoy lunch in the South’s Best Food City at this James Beard award-winning restaurant sure to wet your lunch appetite!  Dive with us into the oldest neighborhood where New Orleans was first settled and absorb the beauty of French and Spanish architecture, hidden courtyards, and antiques before strolling to the trendy, artsy side of town for cocktails and dinner. This is half day experience.

What’s a Roux?

Shop like a local on this neighborhood street filled with pockets of boutiques and art galleries!  Learn to cook like a local and join the many chefs of New Orleans and Second Harvest Food Bank who are giving back to those devastated in Southwest Louisiana by Hurricane Laura. Venture with us to the Bywater for an amazing dinner to end a hard day’s work. This is a full day experience. 


The adage most associated with Cajun and Creole cooking is, “First you make a roux…”  It’s a particularly apt, yet deceptively the single phrase used among New Orleans!  Enjoy this morning demonstration in a cooking school.  After lunch, traverse the Mighty Mississippi on an authentic steam-powered riverboat with more surprise demonstrations from our chef! This is a half day experience. 


Sippin’ Through the City

Sip with us in a day packed with spirited events and a dash of rich New Orleans history!  The past, the present and the future of cocktails come together.  Prohibition is over and the whiskeys, ryes, bourbons, and punches are plentiful! This is a full day experience.


Sip with us though this half day excursion and enjoy some of the most famous New Orleans cocktail recipes!  Last stop is for a Soixante Quince!  Simply put, it’s a French 75 cocktail.  Dinner served next door at one of New Orleans’ finest. This is a half day experience.

Explorer at Heart

Let the journey begin with a historical excursion to one of Louisiana’s treasured mansions on the historic River Road.  Explore a beautiful mansion once funded by a productive sugar cane farmer. A short jaunt over to a lakeside retreat for lunch sets the stage for perusing the flora and native species of the swamps on a flat-bottom boat. End the day biking in the most prominent and wealthy neighborhoods of New Orleans with a casual dinner on the Avenue. This is a full day experience. 


Imagine gliding through the wetlands at speeds up to 45 mph!  Enjoy native flora and wildlife!  You might even have the opportunity to feed an alligator!  End the day with a Cajun cookout on the banks of the swamp and enjoy the tunes of zydeco music. This is a half day experience. 


What’s a Krewe?

It takes a Krewe to make a parade!  Learn about the inception of Mardi Gras in New Orleans and how floats are built.  Enjoy lunch in the largest Mardi Gras warehouse.   Venture to one of the oldest Mardi Gras museums in New Orleans just upstairs from dinner! This is a full day experience. 


There’s no better place to learn about Mardi Gras than where the floats are built! This float den is where it all originates, home to some of the most beautiful floats repurposed year over year.  Enjoy your lunch and make your own mask to take home! This is a half day experience. 


Music Therapy?

Exploring four neighborhoods, you’ll learn who in the film industry lives in New Orleans and what does their home look like?  Learn how New Orleans contributed to WWII and enjoy the entertainment of the era over lunch followed by free time browse at your leisure.  The perfect ending to the day is happy hour with piano tunes at the most famous bar in NOLA and more music with dinner in the Bywater. This is a half day experience. 


From authentic Dixieland to big brass and every other jazz style in between, live music options are endless in NOLA and gave birth to the coolest genre in music.  Hear about the origins and culture of jazz before making your way to the 19th century neighborhood that boasts the best music bars in town!  Dinner included. This is a half day update.